In This One Moment

It’s funny isn’t it? We’re all sat here now doing different things, sitting here watching TV, relaxing with the family, doing homework and revision. I’m sat in my room writing this blog, in a while you might all be reading it. But, do we ever stop and think that there will never be a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year the same as right now?

For a child who has special needs or some form of disability everyday is a challenge. It does not matter what day it is, the thing we live with isn’t going away. Young children with these needs are confused, but they don’t really understand any different. You then grow up and become older and everything starts to make sense, we accept the fact that no matter how hard we try this ‘thing’ we’ve got isn’t going to go away. We start to realise that we might never walk or talk unaided, we get to grips with the facts that with some disabilities we might not be able to understand the world like everyone else does. Dealing with change for any child can be difficult as well, adding a medical condition on top of it is just out of the question.

For any child, adolescent, young adult or adult with a mental health illness, they feel at their lowest, trust me, I think I’m still in this point but writing these helps me! Change or anything that is out of what we know as our comfort zone will most likely cause severe anxiety. I can tell you that it is like walking down a never ending black tunnel and you’re frantically searching for that light that everyone talk about it. Sometimes, you think you are reaching that light, then you get triggered by anything and go straight back to square one!

But it’s life and that’s just the way it goes, just enjoy this moment and smile even if things are rubbish at the moment. It does get better, for anyone!

Wishing you all a day or night filled with sparkles, never give up.


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