When a Parent Hears the Word Disability for the First Time… 

Let’s take it back to the beginning and think of that very first moment again. That moment, that us as the children of the exceptional special needs parents won’t remember, but the adults will. However, I’ve heard all the stories as I’ve grown older so I’d love to explain it how I think it is. 

You get told time and time again that there’s nothing wrong, despite how many times you go back to the hospital and doctors and say there is. It’s not just that “the child is a slow developer” it’s something more. Finally, you get listened to and medical tests are undertaken. Even though you have to play the waiting game  the results are back, then it’s the moment of truth. But, it’s not the result you were hoping for, for the first time you hear the words “your child has a disability”. The world just breaks around you, this is your new life!

Then what goes on? You meet different people with names you didn’t even know existed.”Physiotherapist”, “Occupational Therapist”, “Paediatrician”, the list goes on! But, soon these people become like a second family. The hospital also turns into your second home,  it just all turns into life.

The fight is far from over though, it’s only the beginning. The phone calls that get you nowhere, the emails with no reply and those letters that your anxiously waiting to come through the letter box! That waiting game that was once unknown turns into normality.

Parents, we salute you. Parents that have children with disabilities and extra needs, we double salute you! 

Iesha Manns

2 thoughts on “When a Parent Hears the Word Disability for the First Time… 

  1. Iesha hunny I know you probably won’t remember me I was your school bus driver when you were about 5 years old.I’ve been reading lots about you lately and just wanted to say how proud I am of the beautiful kind clever young woman you’ve become.I wish you every happiness for the future and I’m in no doubt some very lucky employer will snap you up very soon. Love Angie

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