The stares, the “no” the lack of control…

One of the things everyone takes for granted is to be able to take steps, to be able to go up and down high curbs instead of dropped ones, to be able to sit on any seat on the bus, to be able to climb stairs, to go down the road without getting stared at the majority of the time, the list goes on. 

But, with a disability you don’t have control, you don’t have the freedom and in a way you don’t have your rights. Unless you’re in a walker, you don’t get to feel what a steps feel like, you don’t feel the floor, the wheels on your wheelchair feel the floor, you have to go further down the road just to find a dropped or lowered curb. You don’t get to choose your own seat on the bus, in fact half the time you have to argue with bus drivers just to let you in the designated wheelchair space instead of letting push chairs stay there. As for the stares, well it’s horrible but it just turns into life and the people that love and care about you notice it more then you do yourself! 

Then there’s jobs, as soon as you put down on an application form that you have a disability you’re straight away put to the bottom of the employment list. (Well it feels that way anyway!). You can’t do the jobs your friends do like waitressing, so you try and apply for the jobs you know yourself you can do. Even then though, the people that employ you don’t give you a chance to express yourself properly, to go in and meet them. They just automatically stereotype you, that’s one of the worst parts.

So now, as I lay here writing to you all I notice how much control I don’t have, but I fight for all the things that I am or can be in control with. Everyone with a disability will agree with me I think when I say that we try to change “every no it’s not possible for you to do that” into a “yes I will watch me prove you wrong!” And as for the stares, we embrace them and know that kids around us are learning about people not so much like them.

“Nothing’s impossible, in fact the word itself says I’m possible”

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