Job Hunting Hard Enough As it is? Try Having Added Extras, Transport Not a Problem….

Every teenager wants a job right? Every day any of us try application forms and write an impressive CV. For me though, this is even harder, so sit back, relax and read it from my point of view…
I am 17 years old and I have Spastic Diplegic Cerebral palsy, but what does that mean employment wise? It means like everyone else my age, I’ll sit here just like my peers and apply for jobs. I’ll think to myself ‘this time I’m actually going to get a job’, as I get to the end of an application. I’ll get an email saying I’m being considered, then I’ll get the dreaded question in the next questionnaire… “Do you consider yourself to have a disability?” And of course, as soon as I tick the ‘yes’ box it’s game over, that’s the end of that.
The worst part is I don’t even get a chance to give them an impression of me, you know why? Because my chair scares people away, it’s too much hassle and a health and safety overload! My friends get jobs in shops and as waitresses, but I can’t do that. There’s not space behind the counters in a shop to serve customers and, me and my chair are a risk to work colleagues. Oh, and I obviously can’t be a waitress because people’s food would be all over me, the floor and of course my chair. But we all know there’s so many jobs I can do!                                                                     
Please excuse the unorthodox approach, but I need a job.
I am great with computers.
A natural with people.
I am plucky, hard working and I won’t let you down.
Plus I am used to bussing between Bournemouth, Poole and even Christchurch for College.
And I’ll even bring my own chair!
Stairs are a problem of course.
But I am surprisingly speedy and open to all offers😊
Please email me on
I’ll be happy to send you my CV and pop along to see you.

8 thoughts on “Job Hunting Hard Enough As it is? Try Having Added Extras, Transport Not a Problem….

  1. I’ve been promoting you on Facebook. Your teacher Mr Belbin brought your blog to my attention! Two ladies in wheelchairs are better than one! Xx

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  2. Hi Iesha,
    So that I know what to tweet… Do you want to just work on Saturdays? Have you looked into places like Hobbycraft or one of the big pet stores? I don’t know if this sounds appealing to you or if there are any near you.

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    1. Yes, it’s mainly Saturday jobs thank you. But I’m open to any offers and make compromise as well! I can’t reach the counters in shops like these, thank you anyway. (Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, emails have been crazy!) Iesha


  3. Hi Iesha, I saw the article in the Echo with the details of your blog and wanted to get in touch. I work at Rockley Park in Poole; we do take on quite a few new team for the summer season but sadly we are now fully recruited for the peak holiday season so there are no available positions at the moment. I see that you have signed up for a course at Brockenhurst College so I’m not sure what your longer term plans are, but we will be holding open days for recruitment again in January/February next year for the 2017 season; if you are free then why not pop up and see what vacancies there are that you might be interested in? We’d love to meet you.

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