Celebrations Are In Order… I HAVE A JOB!

Firstly, I apologise that I haven’t blogged in ages. But, I’m back and I have an exciting new story to share with you all…

Following the success with my campaign launch on social media, Mags4Dorset, the Daily Echo and BBC Radio Solent… I HAVE A JOB! The new chapter in my life has started at the Norfolk Royale Hotel in Bournemouth, it’s amazing and I couldn’t be happier!

As most of you would’ve read on my previous blog, I am a whizz at computers. So following this, I am now part of the admin team and I’m currently learning how to book people rooms in the hotel on the computer system. The more I learn the more I realise that for this time in my life, this is the perfect job for me! I enjoy helping people, so by booking people in for their stay it really links in well with that. You would’ve also read that I have grown up in the hotel industry, so apart from the different ways of doing things this is all quite second nature to me anyway!

I finally got the chance to go further than an application form and I got the chance to show what I’m capable of. This time round, people didn’t run away at the first idea of my chair, I got seen for what I could do instead of what I couldn’t do and  that was such a nice feeling. I’m now excited to see what the future brings and I know that people now see me as a person instead of a piece of equipment!

Lastly, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you. Thank you to the people who made my campaign go viral, thank you to the people who contacted me moments after they all found out what was happening. Thank you to the people who wrote the words like “inspirational”, because every little thing meant a lot! Again though, thank you to Mags4dorset, Daily Echo and BBC Radio Solent because without this I’d still be jobless. Last but certainly not least, a massive thank you to the Hotel for employing me and letting me have the normality feeling of having a job as well!

P.S, keep a look out because follow up stories most likely will be out very soon! 

Thank you,

Iesha Manns

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