Childhood Cancer Awarness Month🎗

I don’t think many of you who actually follow my blog on my website knows this, but I know so many of you who follow me on social media know about the support I give to Cancer Research Relay For Life Bournemouth and East Dorset. I never normally blog twice in one month, but this is something close to my heart after being part of the Relay Family, especially this year onwards. Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, here’s my view…

Until I joined the Relay For Life Family I never really understood how much work goes into finding cures, celebrating, remembering and fighting back. Cancer is petrifying for the adults that have to face it, how do children fight back too? The only thing children should be thinking of is if Peppa Pig is going to be on TV when they wake up in the morning, or how their first day at school is going to go, or even in their adolescent years the biggest stress for these young people should be getting the best grades they can in their GCSE’s… Having to fight cancer shouldn’t have to come into this! 

So how can these incredible children stay so strong and start beating cancer? All those treatments, the needles and injections, the Chemo, all the anaesthetic they need for the endless operations they need, the endless overnight stays in hospital and so much more. It can all change overnight, from going to bed healthy and well to wake up feeling the worst they ever have, it’s a whirlwind. But, they are able to understand more than we think, they know what’s going to happen  and they Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Socially teach themselves to battle through each day with Cancer. 

Then there’s the parents, they sit in every appointment, are in that anaesthetic room watching their child get put to sleep, they sleep on a tiny camp bed or sometimes even an upright chair whilst their own flesh and blood lay in a hospital bed attached to beeping machines and IV lines. They have to stay strong for their children and act like they’re not worried even when they lay awake and  even when they finally let their guards down without their children having a clue. Let’s face it, they’re heros in themselves and give their children hope to fight the next day. 

So, that’s why at Relay our Survivours are a huge part of the event, we recognise childhood Cancer specifically being as part of our opening ceremony when they walk with a character  like Elsa to give them they congratulations for staying strong. One of our laps is childhood Cancer based, we show this by carrying a teddy bear round a lap with us. Then of course there is our Candle Of Hope ceremony in which we Celebrate, Remember and Fight back to Cancer!

By Relaying for 24 Hours we show that Cancer never sleeps, so thank you to everyone involved in Relay for helping to beat Cancer sooner. Because of you, one day there will be a cure to all of this, if you would like to get involved next year go on our website or remember you can donate as well!


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