Not On The Job Hunt This Time… I’m On A Personal Assistant Hunt!

Many of you know my name, but this time I’m writing this for a friend that I’ve known and grown up with since I was in nursery. Her name is Maxine Moore and I have been asked to help her out, so here goes…

Maxine (but better known as Max) is a 24 year old lady and she has Cerebral Palsy, I grew up with her and always looked up to her, still now she’s one of my closest friends. She has recently started her latest journey by starting University in Southampton studying Web design. But, just like me she needs support of a PA/carer to help her.

When you live with a disability like Cerebral Palsy and you can’t do what everyone else can it can be a very lonely and isolating place, but the support of having a personal assistant takes that all away. They learn all about you and they know exactly what you need, but being able have a laugh with someone whilst they are caring for you is just as important. Max has never let her disability stop her and with the help of PA’s this is even more possible.

Just like myself Max just wants to be treated like anyone else her age, being a PA is not all about the personal care side of things like most people think it is. Being a PA is all about being a friend as well, going out and doing all the social side of things is what it is all about as well. All of my PA’s have always said to me, “It’s just like helping out a friend, but you get paid for it and it is the best job ever!” and I’m sure it will be the same for her too. The main things are that you need to be a female between 20-35 years old and you need to be able to drive.

This bog will be shared by Max on social media, so if you or someone you know is interested in a rewarding job like this please contact her, or contact me and I will pass you on to her. She will be able to give you lots more details about the job and see if it will work. Also, please feel free to share this blog between you, the more people that know the better it will be!

Thank you,


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