Oh Yeah, Here’s why I Started Blogging…

I think most bloggers do this post right at the beginning… But I totally forgot, (yep, that’right, shame on me!). But I have remembered now finally, so sit back, relax and enjoy reading about the main reasons I write to you all.

I can remember sitting here sometime during year 11, two years ago and feeling like there are so many people that stare at me down the street and have absolutely no awareness about how disheartening that can be. I mean, I know it is obvious that I have Cerebral Palsy, but I wanted to know how all of a sudden that made me an alien! However, I literally wrote that as a status update on my Facebook, but I soon realised after that one off blog that I wanted to take blogging further. I then launched a page on my Facebook specifically for my blogs, after a few weeks though some silly kids hacked into it and posted some inappropriate stuff on there. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a blessing in disguise because it made me even more determined to get these messages out to people, this meant that I started my page on here. It finally felt like it was meant to be and my blogs were going to have a home and a purpose.

The down point to starting all this though, was that I was in the most important point of year 11 and the stress of exams soon hit me. I decided that I had to put my blogging on hold for a while and focus on my GCSE’s, it did feel silly of me at the time after launching my page just to stop it all. But,Ā I look back now and realise exactly why I stopped for a while, Ā it was the bestĀ decisionĀ I ever made! Going off track for a minute, here is a shoutout to all the year 11’s now…Ā It might seem pointless doing all the revision and extra work now, it might seem like the exam papers are just a few questions on a piece of paper and itĀ won’t be worth it, I get that, I felt exactly the same and everyone nagging me about revising did my head in. But, please take my adviceĀ when I tell you that it ISĀ worth it and the results CAN effect what you do after it’s all over. However at the same time, please remember that the letters on that piece of paperĀ doesn’tĀ define you as a person, good luck to you all!

I started posting on here again around the January of 2016, the reason I never wrote again before was that I needed a subject to base it on. At this time though, I did because I started working in a special needs school, which then inspired me to write again around special needs and raise even more awareness.Ā Around 6 or 7 months later I had the best opportunity handed to me, I wanted to find a job that paid me, but everywhere I applied for declined me as soon as they found out about my disability. AĀ journalist then heard about my struggle and wanted to write a story to go in theĀ echo and onĀ the radio about this, just about the best feeling ever! They found out about me blogging and asked me to write a post from my view, about the situation, so that is exactly what I did, laying around the pool in Benidorm. This then got published for aĀ magazineĀ company, the echo and the radio, little didĀ I know the best was still to come. I got home a few days later and the story had been posted online, to all social media and it had gone viral, even getting toĀ Canada… BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

As well as this though, as many of you would’ve guessed, from knowing me and reading my blogs that I suffer with bad mental health problems. This started during year 10/11 and has been a part of me since. However, it became a massive issue during June/ July of last year when I got diagnosed with an eating disorder! From then on my life has been a whirlwind, in and out of hospital and feeling so low. Even now, whilst I sit here writing to you I feel so rubbish… but I’m getting ready for my third day in an Eating Disorders unit tomorrow (1st of June 2017), it goes on daily and there’s no single thought without it. But I will try and keep you all updated with how it’s going as much as I can! A year or so later and I’ve finally accepted it isn’t a bad thing to accept such intensive help!Ā 

During all of my therapy sessions throughout school and up until now, I have been told so many techniques to try. One being to write down exactly how I was feeling, but I wasn’t prepared to be a far less attractive Bridget Jones wannabe and write a diary! So, I decided to start my blog, (less like Bridget Jones, more like “The life of Iesha” or something along those lines!) Along with it though, I now wanted to raise awareness of mental health too and try and reduce the stigma around the subject. I want anyone to reach out for help if they’re Ā struggling, it’s NOT for attention if you speak out about it, its bravery. Ā I hope you’ll find that when you do admit to how you’re feeling, you’ll begin to notice that you’re not alone and that there are many other people finding it difficult too.

These are just some of the reasons why I blog, but I love writing posts for everyone to read. I can only hope that it benefits you to read them too.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today’s a gift and that’s why we call it the present”šŸ’

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