When You Wish Upon A Star Your Dreams Come True!

*I know I normally only write to you all, but this deserves a one off special!*

Everyone has that one or two celebrity idols in life, right? Well on Wednesday the 13th of September 2017, my dream came true!

I got told two weeks ago by my PA/best friend that I had a surprise on this date, but all I knew was that it was an hour away and it was in the evening. Now, lets get one thing straight here… my geography skills are absolutely awful! So, no one thought I was going to guess where we were going. I went the whole 13 days coming up with random places, but nothing I guessed was were we went.

The day before my surprise, I saw my number one celebrity idol posted on Facebook that she was touring in Portsmouth on the day we were leaving to go to my surprise. Me being me, I had to google maps how long it would take to get to get to Portsmouth, it was an hour away and at the time I got told we needed to start the journey. I sent it to my mum and my PA Hannah, and they both fully convinced me that we weren’t going there, so I didn’t think anymore of it.

The day of my surprise finally arrived after 14 long days of waiting! It got to the time when we got in the car and I was reading the signs, they were telling me that we were getting further and further towards Portsmouth. Every sign that said it, I was shouting it out, probably winding Hannah up the wall! We finally arrived and parked the car, in the middle of Portsmouth and I was about to find out exactly what we were doing.

Hannah got me out the car, told me to close my eyes and set up the reveal video that we got told to do. I then heard Hannah say “ESH WE’RE GOING TO SEE LUCY SPRAGGAN!!’ Cue me screaming and getting so excited, because she is a number one celebrity idol. We went inside the concert and I was. singing all her songs word by word and screaming, crying happy tears and loving every single second. I thought nothing could get any better and I would end the night on a high sense of happiness!

Just when I thought it could get no better, I realised that WE COULD MEET LUCY SPRAGGAN AS WELL! The security guard got us right to the right of the front of the queue (Cerebral Palsy has to have its benefits😉). Right, I can’t even explain how excited I was, this has been my lifetime dream for years! She came out to the front and asked who was first to meet her… Yes that’s right it was me! I couldn’t even drive my power chair, I was being that fan that was proper freaking out with happiness. Hannah drove me to Lucy and Lucy hugged me, got makeup on my top, spoke to me and took a picture with me. I was so happy, that when I left her I burst into tears of happiness, because those who are close to me, will know that this is all I have ever wanted!

Although, people know that I’ve always said “When I meet Lucy Spraggan I will fully commit to my mental health recovery”. Let me tell you why though, Lucy has been to hell and back with her own mental health and she has worked closely with so many charities related to mental health. She has written loads of songs related to the challenges and journey with mental health, which I always have on repeat! She inspires me so much and makes me realise that, despite the hell that she went through she can stand on a stage and sing her heart out with such emotion, touring worldwide in front of millions of fans! She is such an incredible person and I hope she knows that she has quite literally saved my life!

My dream came true by meeting her and seeing her in concert, it has made me realise that despite a week from hell, it does get better. Dreams really do come true and I want you all to know that!

Stay strong, keep smiling and never give up on your dreams! 

Lots of love and positive sparkle, 

Iesha 💖21731344_1408711742511089_6065526255931619639_n


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