A Day In The Life Of Iesha…

My life is as up and down as the ‘Tower Of Terror’ in Disneyland! I was thinking of doing a new blog daily this year, but there’s no way you’d be able to keep up with the antics of my life, Every. Single. Day. I can’t keep up as it is, so you know I’ll leave that idea looking through the window! I’ve decided to change that plan slightly, I’ll do one blog with a look in on one day of my life instead… Enjoy and don’t be afraid to laugh, because trust me I find my whole life funny most days!

First up, around 9/10am I’ll wake up normally after having the weirdest dream, which I then can’t stop thinking about, so I end up typing my dream into the search bar and finding out the meaning. I mean, it’ll normally be about mermaids to anything through to being pregnant, just to scare the hell out of me! 

Next, I’ll have to reassure my mind that I haven’t turned into a mermaid or become pregnant just by sleeping, so I’ll watch Geordie Shore. I watch it in the morning, to tell myself that my life is more on track than waking up with a hang over on a Monday morning! After this, I’ll drag myself out of bed and get in my chair, trying not to run my PA/Best Friends/Chucklesister’s toes over by trying to drive my chair in a straight line whilst I’m still half a sleep because my sleeping tablets decide to work at ridiculous times!

Next, I’ll choose my clothes out of the wardrobe and go through each one like I’m about to step onto a catwalk, when in reality I have to stay in with a sh*t ton of uni work to do instead, but I’ll still make sure I’ve chosen a decent enough outfit. My Chucklesister will then straighten my hair whilst I jump out of my skin when I forget that I’d dyed my hair a different colour the night before… standard me! Whilst I’m getting my hair straightened I’ll play my PS4, screaming at the TV “oh will you just get a life and do what I asked for once?” Normally to the sim that I made get pregnant the night before, whilst I look at Han (my Chucklesister) who is cracking up with laughter behind me, before she starts my makeup on the days where I can’t be bothered to do it myself, like some sort of Celebrity. Get this right, I’ll be playing my game whilst she’s doing my makeup and completely zoned out, next thing I know I’ve got a full face of makeup on without even having to do anything… (If you want tips on how to be an A* princess I’m right here😅).

Let’s imagine it’s a Tuesday, we can get up to all sorts from shopping in WestQuay to going to every appointment under the sun, which if an appointments the case we get far too bored waiting around and take as many selfies as possible, until a doctor walks in and sees us posing like we are at a photoshoot, whilst we try not to burst out laughing! For example it’s normally a case of “Iesha do you know your weight?” To Han then saying “She has Anorexia” because I physically can’t bring myself to say it! Que them looking so sorry and I try and lighten the mood to a slightly nicer conversation. I’ll then most likely have a breakdown back in the car because I can’t manage most appointments without either having a panic attack first, masking my feelings in between then bursting into tears after, mental health totally sucks! 

Lets skip forward to about 6pm and I’m usually so emotionally exhausted at this point that all I want to do is go to bed. I’ll have a shower, which pretty much means me performing in my very own musical and Hannah now knowing pretty much all of the words too! No doubt I’ll then get shampoo in my eyes followed by my typical line of “HAN MY EYEBALLS ARE ON FIRE!” Whilst she’s there laughing at the typical me and trying to get the shampoo out of my eye, I’m sat there thinking ‘someone needs to call Fireman Sam so that he can come and rescue my poor eyes from being burnt to a crisp’, there’s never a dull moment!

Once I’m out of the shower and all comfy in my PJ,s I finally get into bed, most likely after eventually agreeing to do Physio because I know I finally get my next lot of Eastenders and Hollyoaks!  Bedtime always is my favourite time, just time to catch up with any messages from friends and watch TV knowing that I’ve survived another day battling through my mental health! When mum goes to bed, the house falls silent and I lay in bed reading my book “Fearne Cotton- Happy” , which I’d recommend to absolutely everyone, it’s such an amazing book and fills you with so much positivity, ready to face the next day. I’ll finally fall asleep around 2am, back into my land of weird dreams ready to start all over again tomorrow! 

So there we go, that’s a slight insight into my bloody crazy life and daily adventures… I hope you all are doing well and are thinking pink and sparkly, life is a rollercoaster, but the struggles make you a stronger person at the end of it.

Keep smiling Darlings,

Lots of love, Iesha


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