Dear Cerebral Palsy, This is My Letter to You…

With Cerebral Palsy Awarness Month just passing last month, I thought I’d write you all this post with a perspective of everything I’d like to say to CP if I could! So sit back, relax and hopefully gain some understanding of CP and me…

Dear Cerebral Palsy, I was only around eighteen months old when my family first got told that you would be a part of my life. Obviously though, I can’t remember that, but I’ve heard what everyone got told back then over and over again, so this is for you! 

Dear CP, there has never been one single day of my life without you. When people meet me, they meet you and I know that you will never leave. When I first got diagnosed I got told that I would never sit up, walk or talk unaided. I got told that you could come with the risk of causing me serious developmental delay, serious intellectual delay and no one could tell the outcome, only time could tell the affect you have on me.

At around three years old I first sat up UNAIDED on a sledge in the deep snow in Germany, on a family holiday. Everyone couldn’t believe it, but I’ve never settled for anything less than the best, even back then and I sat up on my own, after getting told I couldn’t. Things then went another step further and I learnt to crawl, around the age of six or seven, but even then I didn’t have the coordination to hold my head up and crawl at the same time, but I soon learnt how to do that and achieved yet another milestone! 

For the first 10 years of my life, I attended a special needs school, who were amazing. However, intellectually and socially you have never effected me and I knew that I needed to be doing  mainstream level work and social interaction. It hadn’t always been easy, but I LOVED my mainstream school years and I gained so many friends and I gained GCSE’s and qualifications that originally, CP, I got told that because of you I wouldn’t even be able to write my name, but guess what? I wrote in every lesson and in my exams! I also am now studying an open university play therapy course and I’m passing all of my exams with high standards so far, and I’m hopeful that I will continue to do that. I’ve also passed BTEC’s in Health and Social Care and I went back as an assistant at my old Special Needs school! So guess what CP? I beat the doctors expectations because of how I fought you again!

It hasn’t come without it’s challenges though, you know that as well as me CP. I’ve dislocated my hip because of the body positions I had to adapt to because of you. I’ve had many operations to deal with having you in my life, I’m on tablets to stop my leg spasms and so that my pain doesn’t go through the roof. So many doctors appointments, so much pain and so many challenges but I still win, because CP I will always win in the end.

Remember when we got told I’d never walk? I’ve walked a mile to raise money, in my walker at school. I’ve done the 100m race on sports day in my walker. I CAN walk, maybe not unaided, but I CAN walk, which again I got told would never happen, because of having you CP.

Anyway, I feel so lucky that although I will always have you CP, you’ve never impacted me as much as you possibly could’ve done. Because the only thing you really affect is my legs and slightly my right hand. I CAN walk with support, I CAN talk with no issue whatsoever, I CAN sit up unaided, I HAVE full function in my left hand and I am lucky enough to be able to get on with my left hand working fully! I AM NOT intellectually or socially impacted because of you and I CAN live my life, even though I will fully have you with me!

Finallly, THANK YOU for being part of me, thank you for making me the person I am today and thank you for letting me overcome barriers that we originally thought was impossible! 

Love and hate situations, but this was for you, Cerebral Palsy. 


Iesha 💚48048DEA-B65B-4195-BB32-AC74A146DA93

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