Butlins Trip 2018, Here’s An Insight…

Another month has begun, which means another update for you all, from my whirlwind of a life! This time, you get a look at my weekend away, to Butlins a few weeks ago, please feel free to laugh, because trust me looking back I definitely did…

This time last week, we had our first night of our trip. I went away with one of my bestest and closest friends, Maddie, when we are together I feel like nothing in the world could get me down. On our first day there, we arrived and decided to go for a look around, after we checked into our hotel room. The first thing we did was go and get a cocktail, to start off our adult only weekend…(#winning). After our drink, selfies and  plenty of social media updates, we then gave ourselves a good, chilled amount of time to get ready. We are two very girly girls, so this was amazing for us! Sparkly eyeshadow and highlighter that’s brighter than my future at the ready, we left to go back onto the main site of Butlins, girls On  Tour had officially begun. It was a live music weekend, called “90s Reloaded live music weekend”, we were in our element! Later that night, we got back to the hotel and after some major heart to hearts we went to sleep, thinking that our alarm clock would be the thing to wake us up.

God, were we wrong! Everyone knows that lifesaving piece of equipment called a fire alarm, right? Well, that’s the thing that woke us up, no it wasn’t a fire drill, it was a real and unexpected alarm, because of a chemical gas leak… oh yeah, I forgot to mention we were on the 4th floor! Now, me+my Cerebral Palsy+mental health conditions+being on the 4th floor=How the first full day of our holiday had begun. We sat at the top of the stairs with a member of staff, being reassured that we didn’t need to leave downstairs, because evacuation chairs are one of my biggest fears. 45 minuets later, we get told that actually we DO need to leave the hotel and get in the evacuation chair, brill🤦🏼‍♀️. I mean, we were both in our PJs, shorts and strappy tops PJs and I was getting taken down about 6-8 flights of stairs. (The guys helping me were ON POINT though, so that made it easier!) we weren’t allowed back in our room properly, until later that evening, apart from being able to get dressed for 10 minuets… pass us the alcohol, it was needed! The beach walk along Bognor Regis beach was absolutely lush though, the weather was so nice, and I’ve got a massive hobby of photography, so beach photos were the best too. 🏖 

Anyway, later that day one of my biggest dreams came true, I SAW SCLUB 7 LIVE! Yes admittedly, I did cry, because I was so overwhelmed with a load of different emotions that I couldn’t hold back the tears, it was honestly incredible and I loved every moment of the little performance they did. “Never had a dream come true, until the day I found you” was pretty accurate to how I felt when I found out Sclub was there!

The next morning, we woke up to NO FIRE ALARM which was pure heaven😍. We spent the day wondering around site, because we were so exhausted from the day before. Pretty much all of that day, we lived in the amusements and it was my childhood all in one, 2p machines are the best! We decided later on that afternoon, to come back to the hotel room and just relax for a bit, because we were on our final night and we needed more energy than ever! Hours past, we were all ready to celebrate our last night in style, where’s our cocktails at?! We tried to go dinner, my anxiety was obviously through the roof and I was seconds away from an emotional breakdown, over a bowl of chips! But, my partner in crime still managed to make me laugh, she’s amazing. After dinner, I really needed a distraction and the best way to do that? THE AMUSEMENTS! I loved being back in the amusements, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, the FITTEST guy, who worked there walked in and I was like some sort of 14 year old in the playground, he was just everything right in a guy all in one, and he won me a unicorn which just made him even better! But, back to reality in the fact that I was so amazed by him, I forgot to look for or ask for his name, but the short time he was in my eyeline was pure heaven🙋🏼‍♀️. But, I did cry because I didn’t wanna come home the next day, it’s what I always do on the last night of any holiday I go on, just because I struggle so much in the day to day life routine and it all comes back, crashing into reality!

We had to go home the next morning😫. But a special shoutout to my Mads, who was just incredible and we’ve created lifetime memories, I loved it! So, in our own special terms Mads… “Oh, Wow” (we love Cassie from ‘Skins’ too much!) thank you for everything Mads, you are amazing and I love you loads. It might’ve been our first holiday together, but it definitely won’t be the last!

Butlins, you were a blast and truly unforgettable, even the evacuation! Thank you so much for putting on this weekend, I loved every second! We’ll be back next year💁🏼‍♀️.



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